Barcode football arabic
A unity3d Game

Our project page, Version 2.

Project Description

BFB16 ar. is an attractive Arabic simulation game based on football developed on unity3d platform. We have worked in a team to localize the game. Now we are working for the development of next version like BFB17 ar. This game is fully localized in Arabic from Japanese by performing several actions: 1.Localization:The full game has been translated into Arabic. We developed a RTL plugin for Arabic language because Arabic text because Arabic text is started from the right. And this plugin can also handle multiple lines. 2.UI Development:We have changed the whole UI system for the localization process. The game supported only the system font. So we have converted it to unity modern UI System. Every scene has been changed to RTL to support the Arabic language. 3. Asset Integration:we have worked on asset integration like 2D Image integration, Sprite Atlas creation, 3D model integration, animation system etc. To minimize the initial app size we have build asset bundles of 3D football characters, stadium models and many more images and stored in the amazon s3 server. 4.Server API Integration:Actually the game depends on the server. So we have to integrate every API in our game.Each and every system of this game are controlled by the server like league system, tournament system, gacha system, Friend system, Award system etc. 5. Game Mechanics:Gacha is a japanese system based on lottery. We have set player attributes and redesigned the gacha system for getting players.

Date: 1.01.2016
Client: Laplace